The Return Of​.​.​. The Hotlines

by The Hotlines

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Monster Zero Records MZ15


released December 2, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios. Cover photography by Rory Taylor
Layout and design by Merel Schaap.



all rights reserved


The Hotlines Brighton, UK

Formed in the spring of 2007, The Hotlines are a Punk Rock band from Brighton, England, who mix the surf harmonies of the Beach Boys with the raw power of the Ramones to bring the party to every show they play!

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Track Name: Song For All The Girls
Spanish girls are to die for cos
My heart stops when they speak
And Belgian girls ride bikes to shows
Oh the boys are in for a treat

Well I never played in France before
So excuse moi madame
And the girls they go go crazy
At the shows in Rotterdam

With leather jackets
Hi-top shoes
And girls with bouncing souls tattoos
Yeah this songs for all the girls

So many places I could go
And so many girls to meet
But whenever I’m away from you
I crumble at the knees

Now I could go to Tokyo
& drink all night for free
But I’d rather stay in Hove today
& party on the beach
Track Name: Leave It Behind
It’s been so long since I saw your face
And I feel like giving up
Been talking shit for so long maybe
One day I’ll back it up

And all those good old days where did they go-oh?
Who-oh-oh I don’t wanna know

Now I’m waiting for the day
When I can live the dream
Rip out my beating heart
And wear it on my sleeve
But now I’m losing faith
I’m bored of killing time
One day I’m gonna run away
Go and leave it behind

Now we belong in a better place
But I feel like we’re in a rut
The same old things surround us
But I just can’t give it up
Track Name: Bye Bye Baby
Now I don’t care what you say to me
Cos if you really love something gotta let it be
Maybe I don’t know what to do tonight
Now I’m not with you but I’m feeling alright

Cos I know I can go listen to the Ramones
An everything will be ok
Now looking at the stars with you in my heart again

Bye bye, bye bye my baby
Bye bye, bye bye my baby
Bye bye, bye bye my baby
Bye bye, bye bye my baby girl

Now my heart’s alive and my head is free
But it’s a long road home to the BN3
When I walk alone on the street tonight
Leave the same old scars in the city behind
Track Name: Cross My Heart
How did things end up like this?
Baby I don’t know
I’m never sure if I should come
Or if I should go

And I know it’s alright
If you’re in my arms tonight
But now you’re gone
I’m getting on with life

So I cross my heart and tell you
I won’t waste another day
The things I love will rise above
The things I couldn’t say
So I cross my heart and tell you
Baby I’m a fool for you
Believe in me cos I believe in you
Believing what I’m saying cos its true

How did we break up like this?
As far as I can see
Nothing ever went to plan
Between you and me

Always know when you’re feeling lonely
That there’s something more
And I don’t care if you still owe me
What we’ve got in store

So hand in hand we make a stand
And face the world without a plan
The time it takes for the ice to break
With you
Track Name: Shake It
She’s in highschool born to drop out
And she’s only seventeen
And her name may not be Deborah
But baby she’s my queen
And she looks just like the pin up girls
In pictures on my wall
Now I’m hanging on the telephone
Just waiting for her call

So shake it baby shake it
Move your body over mine
I wanna feel your heart beatin’
Cos I know that I’m in time
You are alone, but that’s ok now
Cos I’m gonna make you mine
An when it comes it’s no surprise now
Sends shivers down my spine

Cos there’s disco balls spinnin’
In every city around the world
And there’s movie stars with big cigars
And all their favourite girls
But I don’t care cos I got her now
And she’s everything I need
When she’s gone it’s not the same now
My heart begins to bleed

Now the nights getting older
And I wanna hold her
And see her again
And I don’t reason
To change with the season
We’re starting again
Track Name: Go Little Ghoulie
I met her at the monster club
I never thought we’d fall in love
The spell is on and now I know
My vampire girl is good to go

So let’s go to the moon together baby
We’re getting out this devil town tonight

So-oh lets

Go go go little ghoulie
Go go go little ghoulie
Go go go little ghoulie
Go and stay with me tonight

Cos there is nothing I can do
I’d rather be alone with you
And now there’s nothing left to...

Now I’m doing fine again
Little Medusa’s my best friend
And she can have her way with me
From now till death do us party