Can't Stop Partying

by The Hotlines

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This album is a collection of tracks spanning our first five years as a band, from 2007-2012. It includes songs from our first two 7" records, which are now almost completely out of press, plus unreleased out-takes from our previous studio sessions, a cover and two specially recorded new tracks.


released November 13, 2012

The Hotlines are:

Ben Ince – Main Vocals & Lead Guitar
Matt Ince – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Leon Ruocco – Lead Guitar
Kyle Goodwin – Bass & Backing Vocals
Nick Ayton – Keyboards, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Will Crysell – Drums

Tracks 1-2 recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Quickenden (
Tracks 3-11 recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Miles (

Max Wingell plays drums on tracks 3-11
Rory Milton plays bass on tracks 5-11
Leon Ruocco plays bass on track 3

Cover photography by Aidan Porter
Layout and design by Merel Schaap /


All lyrics and music © The Hotlines 2012



all rights reserved


The Hotlines Brighton, UK

Formed in the spring of 2007, The Hotlines are a Punk Rock band from Brighton, England, who mix the surf harmonies of the Beach Boys with the raw power of the Ramones to bring the party to every show they play!

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Track Name: Doctor, Doctor!
Doctor, Doctor! I need some medication
Cos now I’m in a crazy situation
And how I wish that you were mine
And everything would be just fine
Doctor, Doctor driving me insane
Driving me insane

Doctor, Doctor! I don’t know what you do to me
I’m feeling like I need a lobotomy
And how I wish that you were here
But I’m just crying in my beer
Doctor, Doctor driving me insane
Driving me insane

Another night with you
And I don’t think that I’ll survive
Cos I just can’t get you out of my brain
Now I wanna go
But I just can’t say no
You stole my heart come back to me again

Doctor, Doctor! I need some medication
My brain is aching from the aggravation
And now I know that you are near
And I’ve got nothing left to fear
Doctor, Doctor let’s do it again
Let’s do it again
Let’s do it again
Let’s do it again oh-whoa-oh
Track Name: The River's End
She don’t call me baby anymore
And I don’t call her my girl
But these things take time
I’m always on her mind
And she is on mine

And I don’t call her sweetheart anymore
And she don’t call me her man
But the path we choose
Is destined to lose
And now we’re through again

I don’t wanna be the one to choke
The rope’s so tight and the line’s so thin
We both know what we want
But we just can’t win
The game’s not set and the match not won
I’m running on the wrong side of luck

I was smoking weed in a daydream
Hanging with my band
On the day that you called me
It was your name flashing up
Thought I didn’t give a fuck
Now I know I’m not over you

Cos I’ve been knocking beers back
Smashed since that day
I’ve been sleeping with some girls
But girl it ain’t the same
Cos when we touch
Our love flows down through the river
To the river’s end

I don’t call her number anymore
She’s not the one for me
But the times we spent
I’ll never forget
Just wasn’t meant to be
Track Name: Message In Disguise
When I say I miss her
She don’t look surprised
She’s been having fun and
Hanging out with other guys
But what the hell
You know it’s worth a try

When I try and kiss her
She looks so surprised
I know she still wants it
I can see it in her eyes
And it takes me back
And takes me by surprise, yeah!

Don’t run away from me
Baby, baby run away from me
Yeah you’re the one I want
The only girl I will ever need
So run away from me
Baby, baby run away from me
Yeah you and I just never meant to be

Finally I kiss her
It makes me feel alright
And now she’s looking at me
Like she’s wanted it all night
And I take her back
And she turns out the light, yeah!

Now she’s in focus
Everything’s a dream
But the world around her
Isn’t what it seems
Now I see the message
Written in disguise
But I don’t think I need a good reply
Track Name: Psycho Girl
She’s always tryin’ to tell me
That this will end in tears
I don’t believe in Jesus
And she don’t like The Queers
But that’s ok with me cos
She makes me feel alright
We drink until we drown and
Then we stay up half the night

And now I’m getting lost
In her crazy little world
My head is in a spin
Because my baby is a psycho girl

Fast forward to the present
And it is as she feared
We just started to play but
She’s bursting into tears
Then she wanted to go but
I didn’t have the fight
My baby’s freaking out on me
And I can’t sleep at night
Track Name: Motivation
One by one layers strip away
Until all that’s left is an empty frame
Not gonna fight you
Too lost in disarray
Why do you wanna burn out
When you can fade away
Why do you wanna look back
When you can turn the page
We’re gonna fight you
And throw it all away
And then you’re gonna pay

You’ve gotta fight that feeling
Building up inside you
Don’t need motivation
With no regrets you beat the rest, whoa-oh

Moving up you start again
But it’s the same old problem to pretend
Not gonna fight you
Its better in the end
Cos there’s a time bomb tickin’
Inside your brain
And there’s a psycho
Waitin’ to come out and play
Try to invite you
To throw it all away
And waste another day
Track Name: So Far Away
Mean it when I say that I don’t want this anymore
Lying if I say that I don’t care
My head I spinning round
I’m off the pace and losing ground
Staring down a road to knowhere

Cos its easy to see how you stumble along
Forgetting the problems and righting the wrongs
Behind every truth there’s a million lies
We’re burning the bridges, severing all the ties

Now the light’s going out
And the dream slipped away
All the places we used to go
So far away who-oa-oh

Analysed the truth in all the things you said before
Realised that it was for the best
Next time you come around
We will be staying underground
Staring back along the road again

As friends we’ll stand in distant lands again
Track Name: Room 102
Side by side we turn the tide
Divided in defeat
Until the end I can pretend
And hate myself for it

And you don’t seem to notice
How things always repeat
Lightning strikes again
And my heart skips a beat

Because we’re all singing the same tune
And we don’t believe in your point of view
Yeah we’re all singing the same tune
We’re just waiting time by taking sides
Room 102

Just in time we draw the line
That never meant to be
As once again we sing as friends
In tuneless harmony

Now we’ve been so far together
That I’ve lost myself again
Wondering if I still really care
Now you try so hard to tell me
That there’s nothing wrong
Hating all the times we used to share
Track Name: Face The Music
We’re not giving up or caving in
We’ve got a million miles to go
Been here before the revolving door
Keeps turning on its own

But we’re breaking out and leaving the frustration
And coming up for air
But it’s hard to face the music
When you’re scared of what’s out there

Holding on to better dreams
Between the lines, behind the scenes
Holding on to better dreams
Who-oh-oh-oh we still believe

We stay strong enough when times are tough
There’s still a million miles to go
We don’t look behind or compromise
We’ve gotta make it on our own

But it’s hard to face the music
From a million miles away
Don’t wanna find the answer
Skip through another day
As it fades away
It fades away